Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mac Fairtex -Trainer of Muay Thai Champions

Yodsaenklai, Yodvidsanu, Mac, Attachai,Narupol

Mac Fairtex has recently joined Team Impakt as Muay Thai Coordinator. Hailing from Southern Thailand, Mac lives and breathes Muay Thai. He's had over 50 fights since he was 13 yrs. old. He's been a fight promoter, stadium manager, owner, and trainer.

The following is a short interview I've had with him.

Rein: So tell me about Mac. Who is Mac Fairtex?

Mac Fairtex: My real name is Tanunchai Rachadech, but everyone calls me Mac. I've been doing Muay Thai since I was a very little boy in Southern Thailand. I've been a fighter since I was 13 years old. Since then, I've owned my own stadium and I've been promoter in different stadiums like Lamai Stadium in Koh Samui.

Rein: With the show Contender Asia, muay thai is becoming more popular now. I especially liked Yodsaenklai and Narupol.
Mac: I was training them back in Fairtex Pattaya. Yodsaenklai has got really powerful kicks, and makes use of his southpaw stance very well. On the other hand, Narupol, a close friend of mine, is very tall and uses it very well. He is fighting in Macau soon, so I will bring Narupol to train in Impakt. It will not only be good for Impakt, but also for Narupol for his fight.
Rein: You've been cornerman for Quinton Arendse and Alvinson Cooney in their last fight. What do you think of the level of muay thai in Hong Kong?
Mac: Quinton's fight was very exciting for me. He's got a very good heart and uses his head very well. He's very calm, and doesn't panic. You can really see his experience in fighting MMA. I think it was a very good fight. Very good techniques were shown. With Alvin, he just needs more confidence. That's it. He needs to keep his head in the fight, and just be confident. I'm hoping to help improve the muay thai skill in Hong Kong. Right now, with Vusi Colossa here, Quinton Arendse, Son, and Alain Ngalani, we have a very competitive team... and of course Rein the Spartan... *laughs*
Rein: Sure... What advice can you give to people who are aspiring to fight in muay thai?
Mac: Train hard, train your basic skills, and keep everything REAL!


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