Thursday, September 22, 2011

White Collar Boxing 2012

As the official training centre for the White Collar Boxing, Impakt invites you to try our 
White Collar Boxing classes to see if you have the right stuff! 

Having had a long working relationship with Vanda Promotions, sign ups and recommendations can be done through Impakt and, with the right training regime, we will get you the results you want - in and out of the ring!

email for more info...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boxing Seminar with Steve Petramale at Impakt

Come and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve your boxing skills with world famous trainer Steve Petramale, October 9th 1-3pm at Impakt.

Contact reception for details and sign ups or email

Steve Petramale has a pedigree in the Sweet Science rarely seen in MMA. Undefeated as a pro- boxer, Steve studied the different styles of some of the greatest minds in the sport of boxing.
As a pro, he trained with Victor Valle, the man who transformed heavyweight Gerry Cooney from a gawky white kid to one of the most feared punchers in the sport. After that, he moved to the camp of boxing mastermind Panama Lewis, trainer to such hall-of-famers as Roberto Duran and Aaron Pryor. Eventually, Steve would go on to be guided in the ring by Don Turner (trainer of Evander Holyfield) as well as Kevin Rooney, who became famous for training a young Mike Tyson. The knowledge he gleaned from these men has made Steve an encyclopedia of boxing styles and tactics. He is not a “one-style fits-all” trainer. With his rich in-the-ring experience Steve is able to create and impart the perfect style for each individual, taking into account the natural ability, body type and demeanor of each fighter he trains.

An early adopter to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, Steve began training world-class fighters for tournaments in Brazil before the sport was even legalized in most of the United States. Starting in the late 1990s he became the striking coach and strength and conditioning specialist for the world famous Carlson Gracie Fight Team, the best group of no-holds-barred fighters in the world at the time. Over the last 15 years, Steve has trained athletes for fights in the UFC, Pride, K-1, and King of the Cage and has cornered fighters in Brazil, Japan, Australia and all over the U.S.

In 2006, Steve was featured on National Geographic’s popular television special “Fight Science.” Utilizing a state-of-the-art punching dummy hooked up to a bank of scientific instruments, Steve recorded the single hardest punch out of a whole group of world-class martial artists assembled by the producers.

Steve Petramale has lived and breathed boxing for over 25 years, and been involved in MMA for 15 years. Experience makes a difference. Come see for yourself.

Impakt boys put on a good show at Libogen Fight Night

Last Sunday saw another of the ever-popular Libogen Fight Nights take place at Southorn Stadium in Wanchai and, as usual, Impakt was well represented...

Two of our trainers, Alvin and Rein, were joined by Chris Scott - one of our members seen on a regular basis at the gym! For those who missed the fights here's a quick rundown of all the action from our boys:

Chris fought very well, executing some vicious elbows and knees which prompted the referee to end the fight due to a bloody cut on his opponent's face. Winner by TKO, Round 1.

Rein's fight started with a bang, dazing and knocking down his opponent with a left hook at the beginning of Round 1. His opponent, Bee Cho, did not stay down and back after taking the eight count. The fight proceeded with Rein landing high kicks and left punches to the face. On the second round, Bee fought back fiercely, landing an elbow to Rein's face, which left him with a small cut. He fought back with leg, body and sweeps which ultimately won him the round. Having won two rounds his corner were cautious to take care of his cut and make sure Bee couldn't take advantage and cause a stoppage, so he kept his distance with push kicks and lateral movements. Rein was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Alvin fought a very tall Japanese fighter and had a hard time finding his range, whilst his opponent took advantage of his obviously longer reach. Alvin fought bravely and kept up the pressure and in the second round we see him starting to find his rhythm, landing some strong left hooks. His opponent clearly didn't like this and started to clinch, gaining some valuable points against the shorter Alvin. The third round opened with Alvin again landing some nice left hooks followed by right low kicks which were countered by yet more clinching. Unfortunately, even after a valiant attempt by The Blade in the third round, it would prove to be too late and his opponent was awarded the fight by split decision.